Dating steiff teddy bears

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Dating steiff toys

Teddy bear identification is key to any serious teddy bear collector, especially as there are some fake antique teddy bears out there. Unfortunately many antique and old bears have lost their labels and tags and this means that other characteristics have to be observed to try and identify the bear’s origins. Of course it would be impossible to try and list all of the individual maker bears individual characteristics here See my antique bears pages for individual characteristics.

Teddy bears come with a voucher for a pink or blue bib, on request embroidered with the name of your child (max. 12 characters) and the date and time of birth.

Bring it to Dr. Do you have one of the valuable ones? Margarete Steiff established the toy company that bears pardon the pun! The German company used mohair, alpaca, felt, and woven plush to make their famous toys. First produced to be used in pin cushions, Steiff stuffed animals were popular worldwide yet their teddy bears were among the most popular of their toy line. The well-known metal button has been found in the ear of most Steiff toys since Note: the button was not used during World War II when metal was in short supply.

Early on, the button had an image of an elephant on them. Remember, the button is not the only clue to authenticating a Steiff toy or teddy bear. Remember that you could certainly have a valuable Steiff toy that does not have the Steiff button. I have saved many people from making the big mistake of tossing an old teddy bear because the thought all Steiffs had to have a button to be authentic.

Steiff Teddy Bears

Thank you so much. Angie View all Testimonials. Catalogues and books. The perfect teddy bears and christening gifts for those young folk. Here at Ashby Bears we offer the entire range of Baby Safe teddy bears and friends with the quality of the Steiff name.

gen – Oscar a Chiltern old bear dating to the ‘s. Steiff Teddy Bears. For more information on vintage Steiff, please see ot.​com/.

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Teddy Bear Identification and Valuation Tips

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Aug 5, – Homer is a wonderful large Steiff bear dating c with FF button in ear. He was truly adored in his day and oozes character. Homer has a lovely.

The exact origin of the teddy bear is not certain, but there are two stories that seem to explain the creation of the teddy bear at around the same time. In the first, President Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub offered to him following an unsuccessful hunting trip in Michtom did not use a label for his jointed mohair plush bears, and this has made authenticating his bears much more difficult. The early Ideal bears are similar to Steiff bears, but have larger ears set low on the head and feet that are slightly pointed.

In the second story, German toy designer Richard Steiff is believed to have viewed performing bears in a circus when he visited America, giving him the idea for a toy bear with jointed arms and legs that could turn its head like a doll. The earliest buttons from to were embossed with an elephant; next followed a blank disc, from to ; and thereafter a stud stamped with the name “Steiff.

Whatever the real story, both Steiff bears and Michtom bears are the most valuable because the early versions are rare.


This number is and I can not find this teddy anywhere. His ear tag is also very strange as it has the number on it but not the number made or what number he was just what he was made with. The back of the label reads: -. Is this a fake Steiff? He does not have a body label on him like the other Edward Trunk has.

Steiff Mohair s Teddy Bear with Original “Teddy B” Outfit For the most up to date information on Steiff selling prices, be sure to check.

With a pin cushion in the shape of a small stuffed elephant, she wrote the first chapter of the unprecedented success story, which is still being continued today, over years later. Thanks to the loving dedication and quality consciousness of all the employees, the story of Margarete Steiff and Steiff GmbH remain inseparable from each other. When she was 18 months old, she was ill with a high fever, following which her legs became paralyzed and it hurt her to use her right arm.

Three years later, a doctor in Ulm diagnosed her with poliomyelitis. The many doctor’s visits and treatments did not help; her parents grew disconsolate. What could little Margarete expect from life now? She would be dependant on the care of others for life.

German. Bing and Steiff Dating and Identification

Not rated yet Hi. I’ve had this bear for ages but have no idea about his pedigree or who he is. I’m trying to find a replacement for a teddy bear that was recently lost. It is about 16″ in length. The Bears name is Barwees given – continue reading He has glass bears and is filled with straw.

Check out Andy Ourant’s appraisal of a Steiff teddy bear, from Vintage Memphis. Los Angeles S24 E21 Length Premiere Date

This price guide is designed to help you identify and value Steiff animals. The values provided are for animals in a similar condition to the one shown in the photo. This bear is tan in color with a nice face, shoe button eyes, sewn nose, and mouth, shaved muzzle, long arms and legs, sewn claws, felt paw pads and original “Teddy B” tan cotton suit with brass buttons and hat. Some fur loss, but the overall condition is very good.

Measures 10″ tall. This doll is all felt with center seam molded face, shoe button eyes, pink cheeks and mouth, light mohair wig sparse in back , jointed shoulders and hips; knitted sweater, pants, and socks that appear to be original. It has light overall soiling but is considered good for this desirable doll. Measures 13″ tall. This doll has a vinyl face, mohair beard, stuffed cloth body, and original red Santa suit.

The condition is good. Measures 15″ tall. This Steiff tiger was made in several different sizes, and values vary significantly according to size so be sure to research values appropriately.

Manufacturing Process of Steiff Teddy Bears